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PDFtodo is live - 22 modules are there waiting on you

On 24.09 PDFtodo went live.

PDFtodo is up and working covering following modules:

PDF manipulation tools:

1. Compress PDF
2. Merge PDF
3. Split PDF
4. Protect PDF
5. Rotate PDF
6. PDF page numbering

PDF converter options:

1. PDF to Word
2. PDF to Excel
3. PDF to Powerpoint
4. PDF to Image
5. PDF to HTML
6. PDF to ePub

Other documents to PDF converter:

1. Word to PDF
2. Excel to PDF
3. Powerpoint to PDF
4. Powerpoint to Flash
5. Project to PDF
6. Visio to PDF
7. OneNote to PDF
8. AutoCAD to PDF
9. OpenOffice to PDF
10. OpenOffice to Word

22 different modules are waiting on you.
In next blogs we will explain how to use them but, at the end, it is very easy -  you just need to upload your document(s) and click to start processing.

One more important point PDFtodo is free tool.

Stay tuned...


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24th module published - check OneNote to HTML

We just published 24th module. Try PDFtodo to convert your OneNote documents to HTML => direct link OneNoteToHTML.

Now you can upload your OneNote documents and with one click convert them to HTML files. A process is, like always, very simple, just go to PDFtodo and click on button OneNoteToHTML:

When you land on OneNoteToHTML page you'll see dropzone where you can either click and upload your documents or do drag-n-drop:

In case that you do not want to convert some of uploaded documents just click on "Delete file" button. You can also re-order how documents are shown in dropzone. That will just change order how documents are going to be processed.

When you are happy with uploaded documents click on "OneNote to HTML" button and wait that processing is not finished:

Depending on size and complexity of your OneNote documents that will take more or less time. After processing is done you can click on the created file (btw. HTML file will be stored in ZIP archive to …

PDF to Word - how to convert PDF to Word for free

One of frequent questions that we find is "How can I convert PDF to Word"?

Of course, we have a solution :) Just go to and select PDF to Word

On PDF to Word page you will see dropzone where you can either drag-n-drop your PDF documents or click and upload them

After I clicked I found 2 documents that I wanted to convert and after they were uploaded you can see first page of the document in dropzone. You can upload and process up to 10 documents at once which is clear advantage of PDFtodo compared to other online tools which are allowing 2-3 documents maximum. Of course, if you want to process more documents just repeat the same process which is again our big plus as we other sites you need to pay to continue using after "free" limit is reached:

When you are happy with selected documents just click on "PDF to Word" button and wait that PDF to Word conversion is done:

In few moments, you will see processed documents but this time in Word …