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Image to PDF - PDFtodo released new module

On 06.10 we added one more module to PDFtodo -> Image to PDF

Now you can upload your images and generate PDF document out of them. Process is very simple, just go to PDFtodo and click on button Image to PDF:

On Image to PDF page you can see dropzone where you can either click and upload your documents or do drag-n-drop:

I selected few images:

and they will appear in dropzone:

Each of images you can delete by clicking on "Delete file" button below image.  As a second option you can change order of images by dragging them and putting on place where you want to have image. Important point: images will be created in the document in same order how they are sorted in dropzone.
After clicking on button next you'll come to "Image to PDF" configuration page where you can set PDF document page format (options are: A4, Letter and Auto), page orientation (options: Portrait or Landscape) and also page margins (Options: None, Small (20px margins), Large (50px):

When you are happ…

PDFtodo is live - 22 modules are there waiting on you

On 24.09 PDFtodo went live.

PDFtodo is up and working covering following modules:

PDF manipulation tools:

1. Compress PDF
2. Merge PDF
3. Split PDF
4. Protect PDF
5. Rotate PDF
6. PDF page numbering

PDF converter options:

1. PDF to Word
2. PDF to Excel
3. PDF to Powerpoint
4. PDF to Image
5. PDF to HTML
6. PDF to ePub

Other documents to PDF converter:

1. Word to PDF
2. Excel to PDF
3. Powerpoint to PDF
4. Powerpoint to Flash
5. Project to PDF
6. Visio to PDF
7. OneNote to PDF
8. AutoCAD to PDF
9. OpenOffice to PDF
10. OpenOffice to Word

22 different modules are waiting on you.
In next blogs we will explain how to use them but, at the end, it is very easy -  you just need to upload your document(s) and click to start processing.

One more important point PDFtodo is free tool.

Stay tuned...